Iowa School Microsoft Settlement

How to Redeem Vouchers

Product Eligibility:

For information as to what products or services may be purchased with Iowa School Microsoft Settlement vouchers, click on the Product Eligibility Information link on the left side of the page.

To Redeem Vouchers:

  1. Purchase the eligible products and/or services listed on your application. Note that all products and services must be listed on the school's attachment in order for reimbursement to occur.
  2. Complete the Cy Pres Voucher Redemption form for the specific eligible school you are submitting a reimbursement request for.
    • Indicate the dollar amount for each of the voucher categories, General Purpose and Software.
    • Have the Superintendent, Business Manager and Building Principal sign the voucher redemption form.
  3. Attach the required documentation
    • Invoices/Receipts 
      • All purchases submitted for reimbursement require an itemized receipt or vendor invoice. Please note that quotes, proposals and purchase orders are not accepted as valid proof-of-purchase. The invoice/receipt must include a specific description of the products/services purchased, the quantity purchased, unit prices and the school or district name/address.
      • If a specific school name is listed on the invoice/receipt and it does not match the school name listed on the voucher, provide a statement of assurance that the products being requested for reimbursement were indeed used on the school listed on the voucher.
      • Circle the items for which you would like to redeem the voucher.
    • Additional requirements for IT Support Services
      • IT Support Services documentation must show the requirements described above and also:
      • Name of products procured through this settlement being installed or maintained.
      • Flat rate or hourly rate if applicable.
      • Number of hours spent on the installation or maintenance.
      • Date of installation or maintenance.
    • Additional requirements for Professional Development Services
      • Professional Development (PD) Services documentation must show the requirements described above and also:
      • Name of PD event.
      • Agenda or summary of content.
      • Flat rate or hourly rate if applicable.
      • Number of hours spent on the PD.
      • If products procured through this settlement were the focus of the PD, then the names of those products must be listed.
      • Dates of the PD.
      • If products were provided to participants as part of the PD, products and their cost must be listed separately.


Reimbursement Examples: To assist school districts with reimbursement planning, please click the links below to see a reimbursement planning example and a specific reimbursement example.

 Planning ExampleReimbursement Example

Email to:

Email the completed Voucher Redemption Form and the proofs-of-purchase as a PDF attachment to the Settlement Claims Administrator (SCA) at The SCA will send an email confirming receipt of the new reimbursement request.

Redemption Forms must be signed and postmarked on or before June 30, 2017.

Vouchers are non-transferable. Vouchers may not be transferred between schools, districts or to any other entities.

Reimbursement Timeline:

The SCA will review the documentation submitted for reimbursement.

  • If the documentation submitted meets all of the requirements, a check will be issued within approximately 30 days.
  • If there are deficiencies, the SCA will notify the district contact. After the district corrects the issues, the SCA will issue a check within approximately 30 days.